Good morning guys! We continue our traditional giveaway in honor of the arrival of new subscribers. Thank you for choosing us and sharing your reviews with other people!❤️

So, as soon as our channel reaches 1200 subscribers, we will use a randomizer and choose 25 winners, among whom we will divide 1250 euros! Each winner will receive 50 store credits to their account.🤩

The rules are already familiar to you: 

To participate it, go to our bot @Driada_Giveaway4_bot, click the "start" button and follow the instructions. Your application for participation will be accepted, and your account ID will be displayed, it will be used to determine the winners after.

Good luck everyone!

We also remind you that in order to launch the Growth Hormone giveaway, it is necessary to collect another 430 reactions to the post. All details can be found in the attached link.