Hello everyone! Time has passed by and here is my another review, this time on cutting stack by Driada that I will be finishing in 2 weeks.

Payment was made via Bitcoin, as I stated in previous review (can be found on my profile), again smooths and done in few minutes until the order was fully confirmed. Shipped was in about 2-3 working days, compared to other sites, this is beautiful.

Cutting stack included - Masteron (400 mg/w), Trenbolone mix (300mg/w), T3 (50 mcg/d) , clenbuterol (40 mcg/d), test e (500 mg/w) and finally dbol (40 mg/d) + Anadrol (50 mg/d)

MY EXPERIENCE - Loaded up everything at day one, excluding Anadrol, which was saved for the second half of the cycle after finishing dbol. Tren, Mast and Test started to kick in about 10-12 days into cycle (Tren Mix was little faster, i would say you could feel it in first 3-5 days), I felt very dry and strong mostly from Tren and Masteron only. When Dbol was added (took about 5-7 days to fully kick in) I immediately increased my weight even I was on strict calorie deficit. Being on diet and increasing your weight by 3-5 kgs and your lifts about 20-30% was insane feeling!

My bench went up from 140 kg to 165 kg in first 4 WEEKS OF DIET! Which I consider insane, because I'm already down -16 kg from my previous bulk. But still benching 20 kg more then on my winter peak.

Little advice for everyone: If your pins hurts the next day and you are new to this, don't worry. You body will get used to this and after 1-2 weeks your pin spots will absorb that with no problem (of course depends on your dose, but up to 1,5ml should be fine also for delts)

OVERALL EXPERIENCE - It's Driada, what else you need to hear. So far the best supplier in Europe, everything works great, always you can find lab tests on your products also from users on their telegram. Sides are very low compared to other brands, you can tell its clean stuff. I will always stick to Driada, even my friends from gym like their stuff. 10/10 recommend!

I wish you all good luck with your cycles and your progress, remember to use AI and good protection for your organs, they will thank you later!

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