Bundles - Beginner Clean Bulk (Dihydroboldos)

To achieve an increase in muscle mass without increasing the fat layer and fluid retention.


These cycles are designed for those who seek to increase muscle mass while maintaining an aesthetic appearance, including the absence of fat accumulation and excessive fluid retention. Gaining pure muscle mass is a key task for many athletes and fitness enthusiasts who want to increase their strength and acquire an aesthetically attractive appearance. Choose one of these cycles if that is your primary goal.

Cycle Composition

In these cycles, we strive to maximize muscle gain and minimize the risk of fat accumulation. To achieve this goal, we recommend using relatively low dosages of testosterone to avoid significant fluid retention, and higher dosages of steroids that have high anabolic activity and low or no conversion to estradiol. These are usually dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivatives that promote muscle mass growth without unnecessarily increasing total body weight. In this category of cycles (for beginners), we tried to use a minimum number of anabolic steroids. In this cycle, the second component is Dihydroboldos (DHB or Dihydroboldenone Cypionate)

The cycle consists of testosterone and the second component - Di. Together, these two steroids should completely solve the task. All cycles also include measures to reduce the risk of side effects such as aromatization and fluid retention by including aromatase inhibitors. We strive to ensure maximum safety and efficiency to help you achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time.


Some cycle options include other excipients that can increase the effectiveness of the cycle, such as growth hormone or drugs that prevent prostate problems or increase blood pressure, which are included in the cycle if you are over 40 years old. Note that HCG is enabled in each cycle. We recommend that you definitely use this drug to reduce the risks of infertility, significantly accelerate the recovery of your own hormones after the cycle, as well as to get additional drive and high libido during the cycle.

How to get advice

Remember that consultation with a qualified professional and compliance with all recommendations are key aspects of the safe use of any cycle. After choosing the appropriate cycle, contact our specialists for support and clarification. They will help you adjust dosages, analyze the results of blood tests and prevent any side effects in the early stages, as well as make changes to the composition of the cycle drugs if one of them is not suitable for you.

Below are the variants of this cycle:

  • With or without growth hormone (if your budget is limited)
  • A cycle suitable for Blast and Cruise
  • A cycle with health protection if you are over 40 years old

As well as combinations of these variations



Dihydroboldos 40+

Dihydroboldos + HGH

Dihydroboldos + HGH 40+

Dihydroboldos Blast and Cruise

Dihydroboldos Blast and Cruise 40+

Dihydroboldos Blast and Cruise + HGH

Dihydroboldos Blast and Cruise + HGH 40+