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My last order from Driada to start my prep (currently lean bulking), I've added some powder GH, Arimidex, Test Enanthate and Peg Mgf to my stack.I'm currently bulking with Test Enanthate and Primo, HGH, haven't started using mgf yet. And one pill of ..
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Second order from @Driada Medical just arrived and it was an equally positive experience.It was 14 days from payment to receipt, tracking worked well, and there were no problems. For a second time I had problems with the bitcoin payment mechanism (ov..
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My Proviron, Test cypionate and Cialis arrived to the United Kingdom even quicker than my last delivery which was nice .Everything packaged above average and codes check out fine, like that @Driada Medical have made the cialis the yellow oval colour ..
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My first order and experience with driadashop. My order was Provironus 25mg (Mesterolone). My order arrived within 7 days. The strikingly beautiful packaging with a beautiful finish was very pleasant to receive. I ordered in time to get a free hcg vi..
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Arrived within a working week after payment.I basically decided to stop doing doctor prescribed trt as I was paying hundreds of euros per month for pretty much nothing.So this is a trt+ stash for the coming 12 months.I have some stubborn fat around m..
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Good afternoon colleagues, I tell my experience with dríada on June 20 I made the payment a few hours later they had already confirmed the payment and they had taken the package to the courier It took me 13 days in total with weekends in between, I h..
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