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StatsAge: 35 years oldWeight before: 101,2 kg (end of December'22)Weight after: 77 kg (May'23)PEDsTestos – 500 mg/weekDrostargos – 400 mg/week+Last two months Trenentos – 300 mg/weekYohimbinos – 20 mg/EDLiothymed – 50/75 mcg/ED+Last monthsAromalyn – ..
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After 6 days my Order is delievered. I tried many products and everytime im happy with the products. It works everytime 100%Reference Source..
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Another transformation! Thanks to our customer for sharing his progress!StatsAge: 63 years oldWeight before: 81 kgWeight after: 97.8 kgPEDs24 monthsPrimos 250 mg E5D;Sustalad 250 mg E3D;Nandecos 250 mg E2D;Aromalyn 5 mg E4D ;Caberos E7D;Somatropin 4 ..
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Ordered on 28/03.Arrived 07/04Paid with bitcoin, which was confirmed pretty instantly.Got very fast and polite support via email and telegram.Tracking number was avaible after 2 days if im not mistaken.Overall, im pretty exited trying this new brand,..
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I first encountered the brand through another shop selling Driada products. However, I decided to place a direct order with Driada. I ordered the following products: Test-E,Tamoxifen,Exemestan, anastrozol, and viagros.Ordering was very comfortable; t..
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Hey guys,just wanted to leave my review after working with Driada for 10 months now. I decided to start my first cycle in August 2022. after doing some research for quality product shipping out of EU I came across Driada on numerous occasions. I deci..
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