HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg

HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg
HGH Fragment 176-191 5mg
Active ingredient: HGH Fragment 176-191Type: Peptide hormoneForm: Injections DescriptionThe curren... Read More
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  • Package: 5mg/vial+water
  • Type: PEP
  • Active ingredient: HGH Fragment 176-191
  • Type: Peptide hormone
  • Form: Injections 


The current peptide (laboratory code AOD9604) is part of the growth hormone amino acids 176 to 191, which is directly responsible for fat burn. Data on the effectiveness of the drug are confirmed by laboratory researches on animals as well as in vitro on human adipose tissue. The main interest of scientists is the study of HGH Fragment 176-191 in order to reduce fat mass for overweight people. Obesity is a very common problem in today’s world and usually is associated with problems such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 

One candidate for fat reduction in obese people was recombinant growth hormone. However, the clinical use of growth hormone for the treatment of obesity has not been successfully because long-term use intolerance, insulin resistance, edema and hypertension. 

For these reasons, the development of a safe and effective means for the treatment of obesity has always been relevant. One of these developments was AOD9604, later named in sports circles as HGH Fragment 176-191. 

Mechanism of action

HGH Fragment is able to increase fat oxidation in vivo and vitro, and ais also able to increase lipolysis and reduce lipogenesis ex vivo as well as in vitro. This makes it likely that the HGH Fragment is acting directly on adipose tissue. The drug increases the expression of the beta-3-adrenergic receptor gene. The beta-3-adrenergic receptor is an important component of the sympathetic nervous system that primarily mediates the destruction of fat cells, adipocytes, and thermoregulation. But it was revealed that is not considered the only mechanism of the drug’s effect on lipolysis. 

Ex vivo analysis of adipose tissue showed that HGH Fragment significantly reduced lipogenic activity and increased lipolytic activity in this tissue. Increased catabolism was also reflected in a sharp increase in energy expenditure and glucose and fat oxidation. In addition, HGH Fragment increased in vitro lipolytic activity and decreased lipogenic activity in isolated rodent and human adipose tissue. Taken together, these data indicate that HGH Fragment alters lipid metabolism in adipose tissue, resulting in reduced body weight gain in obese animals. The pronounced lipolytic and anti-lipogenic effects of HGH Fragment in human adipose tissue suggest that this peptide has great potential in the treatment of obesity in humans. 

The main advantage of HGH Fragment is the absence of side effects that accompany people when using growth hormone. It should be noted that the drug is also devoid of the desired effects that an athlete receives from the use of growth hormone, because HGH Fragment does not bind to growth hormone receptors and only affects adipose and bone tissue. During the experiment,HGH Fragment had no effect on serum levels of IGF-1,which supports the hypothesis that HGH Fragment does not act through IGF-1.  

The results of the glucose tolerance test showed that unlike growth hormone, HGH Fragment does not adversely affect carbohydrate metabolism.  

In contrast to growth hormone, to which antibodies are formed sooner or later and nullify all the advantages of the use, no antibodies were found against the HGH Fragment. Therewere no serious side effects associated with the use of this substance in any of the studies. The drug showed a very good safety and tolerability profile, indistinguishable from placebo. 


  • The main effect of the drug is the burning of subcutaneous fat
  • it is also worth mentioning a study that speaks of a positive effect on cartilage about intra-articular administration, which is certainly a useful property both for people with various disorders of the articular-ligamentous apparatus,and for athletes, but to confirm this property in humans, further  research is needed. 

Side effects

  • Studies of the results of the use of HGH Fragment allow us to conclude that the negative consequences of taking the drug are minimal. In rare cases, there is a burning sensation and itching at the injection site. Similar negative effects disappear within a few minutes after the injection. 

How to use 

Based on the practical knowledge of athletes, the optimal dose of the drug is from mcg per day, divided into several dosages (2-3). As for most of the drugs that are at the stage of preclinical and clinical trials, at the moment there are no reliable data on the possible duration of the course. There are only data from various internet sources that indicate duration of several months, based on the opinion and personal experience of athletes using this drug.  Our recommendation is that you should determine the duration of the course by the end result you want to achieve when using it in your cycle. Often this cycle will depend on the other drugs you are taking at the same time, as well as your diet. It is important to nete the usage of this peptide will be more effective if it is accompanied by a low- fat diet. 

Combination with other drugs 

It can be used in combination with other means used in sports practice. For example, some athletes use HGH Fragment along with growth hormone  or growth hormone releasing peptides, as well as IGF-1 to increase performance. Combined use may provide a synergistic affect for fat reduction. 

How to prepare a solution 

In order to prepare a solution for injection, you take a syringe already containing a diluent and inject it into a vial containing a lyophilized powder. Tilt the vial so that the needle touches the vial wall. Avoiding injecting the diluent directly into the lyophilized powder. The solvent should slowly flow down the wall of the bottle (do not fill everything at once and take your time). 

Once all the diluent has been added to the peptide vial, mix gently (but do not agitate or shake the vial) until the lyophilized powder has dissolved and you are left with a clear liquid. Now the drug is ready for use. 

Never mix one peptide with another in the same syringe. This creates risks that fragile peptide molecules will be destroyed.


  • The injection can be subcutaneous, intramuscular, depending on personal preference. 


  • The liquid can be stored for approximately 21 days in a refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 Celsius. The storage time increases if the liquid was prepared using bacteriostatic water. 
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