Reship policy

Reshipment Policy Overview

Please read carefully before ordering. Placing an order signifies you have read and agree to our Reship Policy terms!

The reship policy does not apply in cases where the customer fails to adhere to the order fulfillment conditions. If one or more of the listed conditions are not met, the company reserves the right not to provide a free reshipment of the package and not to refund the funds.


  1. Full and correct recipient name - this will allow the courier to accurately identify the recipient and ensure correct delivery.
  2. Full and correct home or apartment address - this guarantees that the package will be delivered to the correct address.
  3. Valid and correct phone number - this number will be used to contact the customer in case clarification of delivery information is needed or to notify about the approaching package.
  4. Availability during delivery - this ensures that the courier will not redirect the package to the nearest post office.
  5. Monitoring updates via tracking number - this ensures that the customer will always be aware of the whereabouts of their package. If the customer sees that the delivery was unsuccessful via the tracking number, the customer must immediately react to the situation**.

We urge all our customers to carefully check and provide all necessary delivery information when placing an order to ensure successful delivery and avoid delays or misunderstandings in the logistics or courier services.

*We strongly recommend using smartphone apps for tracking packages, such as or

**Please note that home delivery may not be available in some regions, so package should be collected at the nearest post office.


Tracking information indicates that the package is being returned to the sender

If the reason for returning the package is the absence of the customer at the specified address or their refusal to receive the package, reshipment is carried out only after the customer pays the logistics costs.

If the reason for returning the package is not specified, a free reshipment will be made only after the package is returned to the sender.

Tracking information has stopped updating

A free reshipment will be made only if the tracking information has not been updated for more than 40 business days from the date of shipment or if the package has been returned to the sender.

Package seized by customs

A free reshipment will be made if the customer provides a document confirming the seizure of the package by customs (seizure letter) or if the package is returned to the sender.

If the document confirming the seizure of the package by customs is not provided, and the package is not returned to the sender, a free reshipment will not be made.

Package returned to sender

Once the package is returned to the sender, the customer will be informed via email.

Damaged products or parcel

Although we carefully pack each product and wrap the parcel in bubble wrap, doing every-thing possible to ensure the products reach you intact, we cannot control the work of postal services and their employees. There are rare cases when parcels arrive dented and products are broken. In such cases, we fully compensate you for your losses.

To receive compensation, please contact us via support chat on the website or Telegram during business hours from Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00 CET., and you will be offered solutions.

We ask you to record a video of unpacking your parcel before contacting support.

Key Takeaway

For a successful delivery, please ensure all provided information is accurate and up-to-date. This proactive approach helps avoid unnecessary delays or issues, making the delivery process as smooth as possible for both parties.