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Ordered on October 2nd with 30% off and received on October 9th. This is my second order and came faster than the first. Currently running the cypilos and npp without any complaints as of yet.Reference Source..
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Best lab of the moment for me, can’t beat the price, no pip, bloods shows it’s real test. Not underdosed, customers service is great and the community is the best I even seen.This company I predict will be top 1 for many other reasons but you can’t b..
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StatsAge: 51 years oldWeight before: 80 kgWeight after: 84 kgPEDs18 weeks*Testos (Testosterone Enanthate);Trenentos (Trenbolone Enanthate);Dihydroboldos (Dihydroboldenone Cypionate);Stanos (Stanozolol).*Not all at the same time.As always, all product..
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Hi guys.first order from Driada, 11days to southern europe.Reference Source..
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Largest order I’ve placed so far. Usual remarks, paid for and shipped promptly. 7 days to western EU, no issues. Didn’t have to speak to anyone.Reference Source..
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My last order from Driada to start my prep (currently lean bulking), I've added some powder GH, Arimidex, Test Enanthate and Peg Mgf to my stack.I'm currently bulking with Test Enanthate and Primo, HGH, haven't started using mgf yet. And one pill of ..
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