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Ordered on October 2nd with 30% off and received on October 9th. This is my second order and came faster than the first. Currently running the cypilos and npp without any complaints as of yet.Reference Source..
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I ordered Friday September 8th at night time. Paid with bank transfer. Arrived today and I performed the roidtest on NPP and test cyp with perfect results. I’m very happy and look forward to starting my cycle this week. I’ll be back @Driada MedicalRe..
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Small order received in a week, very fast payment and excellent customer service, it only remains to test the productReference Source..
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My Proviron, Test cypionate and Cialis arrived to the United Kingdom even quicker than my last delivery which was nice .Everything packaged above average and codes check out fine, like that @Driada Medical have made the cialis the yellow oval colour ..
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Made an order for my self prescribed TRT a few months back. Delivery to Western Europe took about 14 days or so. Everything works as intended and will order again. Thanks guysReference Source..
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Hello, this is my fourth or fifth order. After minor complications and with the use of a promo, everything was finally resolved very quickly and without a problem. The package arrived very quickly as never through it. It is super! in a few months I w..
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