Bundles - Advanced Clean Bulk (Primos + Trenentos)

To attain an increase in muscle mass without the unwanted accumulation of body fat and excess fluid retention.


These regimens are tailored for individuals aspiring to enhance muscle mass while upholding an aesthetically pleasing physique, characterized by the absence of fat buildup and undue water retention. Acquiring lean muscle mass stands pivotal for numerous athletes and fitness enthusiasts endeavoring to bolster their strength and cultivate a visually appealing appearance. Choose one of these cycles if this aligns with your primary objective.

Cycle Composition

Within these regimens, our focus is on maximizing muscle gain while mitigating the risk of fat deposition. To achieve this, we advocate for the use of moderate doses of testosterone to mitigate substantial fluid retention, coupled with elevated doses of steroids exhibiting potent anabolic activity and minimal or no conversion to estradiol. Typically, these entail dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivatives fostering muscle growth sans unwarranted escalation in overall body weight.

The cycle comprises testosterone and a secondary component, synergistically addressing the outlined objective. Additionally, all cycles encompass precautionary measures to curtail the likelihood of adverse effects like aromatization and fluid retention, incorporating aromatase inhibitors. Our paramount goal is to ensure utmost safety and efficacy to facilitate the attainment of optimal outcomes within the shortest feasible duration. In this cycle, the second and third component are Primos (Methenolone Enanthate) and and Trenentos (Trenbolone Enanthate).


Certain cycle variants incorporate supplementary agents intended to augment cycle efficacy, such as growth hormone or medications safeguarding against prostate issues or hypertension, especially warranted if you surpass 40 years of age. Noteworthy is the inclusion of HCG in every cycle, highly recommended to mitigate infertility risks, expedite the recuperation of endogenous hormones post-cycle, and enhance vigor and libido throughout.

How to get advice

It’s imperative to emphasize that consulting with a qualified professional and adhering to prescribed guidelines are fundamental prerequisites for the safe execution of any cycle. Following cycle selection, reach out to our specialized team for ongoing support and elucidation. They’ll assist in dosage adjustments, analyze blood test results, preemptively address potential side effects, and modify cycle compositions if any components prove unsuitable for your needs.

Below are the variants of this cycle:

  • With or without growth hormone (if your budget is limited)
  • A cycle suitable for Blast and Cruise
  • A cycle with health protection if you are over 40 years old

As well as combinations of these variations



Primos + Trenentos + HGH 40+

Primos + Trenentos 40+

Primos + Trenentos Blast and Cruise 40+

Primos + Trenentos Blast and Cruise

Primos + Trenentos

Primos + Trenentos + HGH

Primos + Trenentos Blast and Cruise + HGH 40+

Primos + Trenentos Blast and Cruise + HGH