Hello guys, I chose driada for my first cycle because the prices were good and they were from EU. I orderd 3x vials of Test E, HCG, Tbol, Nolva, Clomid in 2 separate orders. And plan on ordering couple more vials of Test and Tbol.

I can't complain about shipping 8-10 days both orders to Romania, since its my first time ordering PED's cant compare it to any other source but to me its seems very fast. Their support is good, it took them 1 hour to respond to a problem I had with bitcoin payments.

Now I'm on 5 weeks cycle with 350mg Test and 30 Tbol and planning to up them to 500 test and 50 tbol. Strength went up really good, already gaining weight but it might be just water retention, the libido is a tad higher but not by much, overall feeling good, I just took bloods yesterday and waiting for the results. So it's a pretty good experience with Driada so far.

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