Hi, i'm here to talk about my experiences with driada.

I've bought from them 3 times at now; in this review I will discuss the reasons why I consider driada the best company in the sector in Europe.

At first i ordered 2 boxes of cypilos (20 vials of 250mg/mL testosterone cypionate), in the second order various stuff (2 boxes of LGD 4033, RAD-140, 3 of Anavar, 2 of Dbol, Exemestane and Finasteride) and same in the last one (2 boxes of telmisartan, Primobolan, Testosterone enanthate and one more of RAD).

I'm actually on TRT. I've took cypilos for about 5 months at 125mg/week, dosing ~83.3mg E5D (2 vials remaining) and this one is the only product i can review at the moment.

The first thing one can apreciate of this product is the low viscosity of the carrier (sesame oil), this make injections very easy and super smooth. Zero PIP or any kind of problems.

In terms of effectivenes, my bloods during the protocol showed about the same T levels as the ones I had using Bayer's Testoviron; also I sent one vial to a lab to test the real concentration and the results showed 262,40 mg/mL!

This one is the best part of the experience with Driada. The team is very kind and willing to help with any problems (cycle plan, sides mitigation, shipping delay, etc).

Impossible not mention the offers they release weekly: discounts, sales and auction makes all the customers very satisfied.

  • Order 1: ordered on 13/07/22 - received 25/07/22
  • Order 2: ordered on 19/11/22 - received 29/11/22
  • Order 3: ordered on 10/01/23 - received 20/01/23

I live in Italy, 10 days is the typical delivery time for the orders. Always well-packaged in a discreet way.

As one can guess, my overall judgment is extremely positive from all points of view!

P.s.: I will start RAD (on a cut) the next monday, i will update you at the end of the cycle.

P.p.s.: I've bought primos and testos to have them analyzed, soon i will post the results : )

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