Second order from @Driada Medical just arrived and it was an equally positive experience.

It was 14 days from payment to receipt, tracking worked well, and there were no problems. For a second time I had problems with the bitcoin payment mechanism (overzealous security logged me out before I could copy down the wallet address). Customer service dealt with it well via DM and provided an easy solution. This meant there was a delay of a couple of days between completing the order and making the payment as they apparently don’t answer DMs on weekends - but no big deal.

Packaging is as usual, beautiful. It’s more than aesthetics though, it leads me to confidence in the lab knowing they’ve obviously got the money to do things properly.

The pills are packaged professionally, as if by a pharmaceutical company. There was a small glitch causing two of the pills to be crushed beyond repair (see photo), but no big deal.

Last time about a quarter of my amps were crashed and I needed to heat them in a pan of hot water. It was winter when they were shipped and they didn’t re-crash again once they were stored at room temperature. This time they were all perfect.

Oh, and there’s a lovely sticker in case I want to tell everyone around me that I’m a drug user :)

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