Right, well I guess it’s about time I did this. I’ve been a user of Driada stuff since they first arrived here on Meso.

Their Service is always great, with every question and concern I have being addressed.

I’ve received every package with no issues, typical delivery would be around the 10-14 day timeframe, with one separate time where I received the package within 2 days of it being shipped. My deliveries are all EU domestic.

I’ve had minimal complications using their goods with my only negative experience being that I’m allergic to Eclomiphene citrate. Which is down to luck of the draw.

I will continue to use them as my results are in line with my expectations.

I like to place small and frequent orders as to not have large amounts in transit at anyone time.i will attach some images of orders and some current items I have left, That I use/have used.

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