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Trenentos 200 mg/ml (Trenbolone Enanthate)

Trenentos 200 mg/ml (Trenbolone Enanthate)

 Driada "Trenentos" (Trenbolone Enanthate) is a powerful androgen which possesses powerful anabolic properties. This steroid is popular among bodybuilders that intend to increase their muscles and to decrease fat accumulation.

Trenentos, like trenacetos, doesn't convert into estrogen. This characteristic is very valuable because since these drugs do not aromatize, such estrogen symptoms, as water retention and gynecomastia trouble people who take them very rarely.  Furthermore, trenentos is able to enhance lean body mass without proper diets.

Many athlets prefer this medication because it isn't required to administrate it often.

Side effects:

The drug is the easiest to side effects, among others. Side effects may be minor or not at all.Probable side consequences of this medication include insomnia, sexual disorders, high blood pressure and coughing. Certain consumers confirm that this product affects kidneys but appearing of this negative symptom due to administration of this preparation is not proved by scientists.

Trenentos dosage:

For a faster and more effective result, we recommend combining the drug with others.

The recommended maximum cycle length is fourteen weeks.

Few variants of cycles:

Weeks 1-12

Testos 750 mg / per week

Trenentos 400 mg / per week 

Weeks 8-14

Winstrolad 50 mg / per week 

Second cycle:

Weeks 1-10

Primos 600 mg / per week

Trenentos 400 mg / per week 

Weeks 1-12

Propios 200 mg / per week 

Third cycle:

Weeks 1-10

Primos 600 mg / per week 

Trenentos 400 mg / per week 

Weeks 1-12

Testos 1000 mg / per week 

Weeks 10-12

Trenentos 500-700 mg / per week 

Weeks 1-14

Anavaros 80-100 mg / per week

Trenentos (Trenbolone Enanthate) storage:

Store in original packaging and away from children and four-legged friends, at room temperature.


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