After looking for a new EU based supplier, I came across Driadashop and immediately fell in love with their professional website and product designs. And since almost all the reviews I've read were positive, I took advantage of their xmas discount and placed my first order of:

  • Test E
  • Test Undecanoate
  • Deca
  • Tren E
  • Melanotan II and
  • Tamox

After placing the order, it took about 10 days for the order to arrive in Germany. Now, I'm about 3 weeks into my cycle and everything works as it's supposed to.

At the moment I'm running 150mg of Test E, 500mg of Deca and a low dose of 100mg of Tren E per week. I've been on a 1000 kcal deficit since the beginning of the cycle and my weight is even higher than at the start! As far as I can tell, I've dropped about 4-5% body fat and gained about 4-5kg of muscle/intramuscular water weight. I'm much fuller and rounder and my strength hasn't declined at all. On my squat and bench press I've gotten even stronger! Also no PIP except the first two shots, but only very mild.

A couple of days ago I noticed my nipples getting a little sensitive so added the tamox at 20mg and after two days it went away. Apart from that I haven't noticed any severe side effects. My sleep is a little bit impaired due to the Tren E, but nothing crazy at a hundred mg. I may bump it up to 150-200mg the next couple of weeks and see how high I can go without experiencing to many sides.

I'm also very satisfied with the Melanotan II. I took about half a vial in the first week while slowly tapering up from 0.25 to 1 mg and now I keep the tan with 0.5mg every other day. Taking more than that would make me nauseous and errected the entire day lol.

The only thing I haven't used by now is the Test Undecanoate, which I'll save for holidays or times I can't do injections multiple times per week. I'm sure it will work as good as everything else I've used so far.

The entire ordering process went were smooth and they usually reply very quickly, even on weekends.

My order was shipped immediately the day after payment and I was provided with a tracking code (standard delivery 20€). After 10 days my order arrived (in Germany) and the packing was very discreet. Nothing to complain about.

I'm very satisfied with everything so far and I'm definitely going to order from Driada again!

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