i ordered as you can see from the picture

  • 3x proviron
  • 1x cialis
  • 1x masteron 10ml vials

this is my third order with driada so you can imagine that I have always been happy, ordering is easy and I pay in bitcoins just add to the cart and proceed with the order which will be shipped as soon as payment is received, shipping this time took exactly 8 days since they received the bitcoins, the first order was 18 days the second if I remember correctly 14 and this time I was amazed and very happy with the short wait, I am very happy with their testosterone and confirmed with analysis that the product is genuine, I have already used their masteron which even 1ml in the quadriceps leads me to 0 PIP, really the next day I don't even remember where I gave the injection, the enanthate test is a little noticeable the next day but nothing annoying, all very acceptable, the prices are good, thanks driada.

I used 600mg of their testosterone per week this winter and was very happy with my +14kg on me, so I decided to continue buying their brand.

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