How to buy cryptocurrency with Paybis

Paybis supports Credit/Debit cards, Bank Transfers, and alternative payment providers (Skrill, Neteller), ensuring flexibility and convenience to buy crypto. Client can purchase over 89 cryptocurrencies, including those that are most popular and hold the largest market capitalization.

When paying for order via Paybis you do not need to have any additional cryptocurrency wallet (like Binance,, Truswallet, etc.), because you will use wallet that will be supplied by Driada specifically for your order. When you will complete payment at Paybis, we will receive your payment directly from Paybis.

Please note that only payments up to 300 EUR per month depending on the country can be made without customer verification (KYC). If your orders are more than 300 EUR than you will have to go through the KYC process. KYC process is simple and quick, you can learn more about if from Youtube video or Paybis Support page.

Step by step guide

1. When placing an order on our store please select one of available crypto currencies.

2. After confirming the order you will be redirected to payment page. There you should copy amount in crypto currency and wallet id.

Example with Bitcoin:

Example with USDT:

3. To use Paybis go to or download their application on mobile from Paybis Download page.

4. If you use mobile application, after opening it select necessary crypto currency that you want to buy.

5. After that or if you use desktop version on website you have to select method with which you would like to pay for crypto currency, enter required amount of crypto currency (taken from step #2) and select crypto currency that you would like to receive. After select Buy Bitcoin.

6. Enter your email and verify it with a code.

7. Once verifyed for mobile application you will have to create a PIN code.

8. On next screen enter wallet address (take from step #2). Make sure it is a correct one!

9. Add a new Credit/Debit card for this purchase and press on Pay.

10. Wait for confirmation message. If needed, confirm payment from your bank account. In the end you should see a confirmation. Press on block explorer, it will open a new page. Copy the link to that page.

11. IMPORTANT! Send this link as a confirmation of payment to our Customer Support via Telegram @driadasupport_bot or by replying to email with order details.