After seeing all trends, I think it worths sharing by experience with Dríada’s products.

Have ordered a complete set of cicle compounds:

1) Test Propionate (a compete box!!): we’ll round packaged, verified and perfect expiring date

2) NPP: Verified, with a very good appearance and beyond any worries about expiring dates.

3) Primo: My favorite!!! Clean, verified and even better, bough through Sunday auctions

4) Tren A: Very good appearance! Safe expiring date, not tested yet (but cycle already planned!!)

5) Liquid HGH: Just anxious to begin using it!!! Loved the presentation, verification. Looks very trust worthy… Taking this decision on HGH was kinda hard, however I really trust Dríada, all good reviews cannot be wrong.

Even my doubts about the HGH were attended very quickly by the DriadaRoids channel costumer service.

What about delivery (been worried about such s big packages?)… smooth, traceable, and very very quick…!!

1 day for changing mail delivery status, and around 10 days to have the pack on my hands.

Sensations: So far with Test Prop 700 + NPP 400. I could feel the Rush in a matter of days (have exmestane in handy!) no PIP, no sides on week 2. (Will keep posting).

I am feeling quite more aggressive in my trainning, and already lifting Better in basics.

I miss the joint protection that is almost instantly felt with undecanoate, but well, NPP was my choice to avoid including a kick starter.

No sleep affecting (but expected based in previous experiences), appetite remains on track, and (is true that I’m been really cautious with my ancillaries), no sides in blood testing so far.

Conclusion: so far, so good… a happy costumer…

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