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Arrived within a working week after payment.I basically decided to stop doing doctor prescribed trt as I was paying hundreds of euros per month for pretty much nothing.So this is a trt+ stash for the coming 12 months.I have some stubborn fat around m..
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Boldenone undecylenate, commonly known as boldenone undecenoate, stands as an androgenic and anabolic steroid (AAS) used predominantly in veterinary medicine, notably for equine applications. Trade names such as Equipoise and Parenabol are associated..
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Order #298526In Europe, arrived fast, good package, all perfect.Test E - Very good.NPP - Very good. I'm in love, it healed a serious chronic back pain I had for years, made a post about it here.Anadrol - Increase in strength with 50mg pre workout, bu..
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Great result from Liquid HGH. Pinned 5ui IM 3hours before the blood test.. thank you Driada.Reference Source#Somatropin (Liquid)..
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The brother of our community Shark J is about to begin his bulk season .StatsCurrent weight: 84 kgTarget weight: 100 kg at around 15% BF.His stackPropios (Kicker)Cypilos (Post kick)NanphenylosPrimosHGHAll products from our shop!..
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Right, well I guess it’s about time I did this. I’ve been a user of Driada stuff since they first arrived here on Meso.Their Service is always great, with every question and concern I have being addressed.I’ve received every package with no issues, t..
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