Beginner Clean Bulk (Trenentos 40+ Blast and Cruise)

General information

Goal: Clean Bulk

Сategory: Beginner cycle

Steroids compounds: Testosterone + Trenen

Duration: 12 weeks

Advantages of This Cycle

● Significant clean muscle mass gains

● A very significant strength increase

● Fat burning

● Increased motivation and aggression in trainings


This cycle is specifically designed for novice athletes who have had only a few cycles of anabolic steroids. If this is your first cycle, it may also be suitable for you. The cycle is planned for 12 weeks, with subsequent PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) to restore your natural testosterone levels and maintain the results. The selected compounds are chosen so that by the end of the cycle, your body becomes more muscular and defined. Additionally, the cycle aims to prevent issues such as fluid retention, which can affect your appearance and make you look bloated, a concern often encountered by strength athletes using water-retaining substances.

This cycle includes two anabolic steroids: testosterone (of your choice) and Trenen. Testosterone is the foundation of any cycle, being the primary male hormone responsible for libido, emotional well-being, motivation, and providing the necessary drive for workouts. Of course, testosterone is crucial for muscle mass and strength gains.

The lean muscle mass cycle, combining testosterone and trenbolone, is an outstanding strategy for experienced athletes seeking to maximize physical fitness. Testosterone, as the main male sex hormone, plays a crucial role in the anabolic processes responsible for muscle growth, strength gain and recovery.

In turn, trenbolone, although a derivative of testosterone, has unique properties. Its ability to bind to androgen receptors is significantly superior to testosterone, which makes it a more powerful anabolic. Interfering with androgen receptors stimulates protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in muscles, which leads to an increase in their mass.

However, despite similar goals, testosterone and trenbolone interact differently. Testosterone, as a hormone converted to estrogens, can cause water retention and gynecomastia. Trenbolone, on the contrary, does not have these disadvantages, making the weight gain more "dry" and maintaining muscle quality.

The combined effect of these two steroids provides athletes with unique opportunities for maximum muscle growth. The synergy of testosterone and trenbolone complement each other, providing not only a significant set of muscle mass, but also an improvement in its texture and density.

Risks of Side Effects

Trenbolone is truly a legendary steroid with a very rich history. However, the title of the most powerful steroid ever created has its price - a noticeable number of side effects. Many of these side effects are very pronounced, and require an experienced approach to the issue

It is important to take into account the side effects such as lowering high-density cholesterol, aggression, insomnia and others that may occur when using these steroids. This emphasizes the need to strictly control the dosage and duration of the cycle, as well as closely monitor the body's reaction.

In conclusion, although a testosterone and trenbolone-based cycle provides the potential for impressive results, careful planning, medical supervision and strict adherence to safety measures are key aspects that determine the success of this approach.

The risk of side effects is reduced by using aromatase inhibitors (Arimidyn), which minimize the chances of developing gynecomastia and prevent excess fat accumulation. Controlling estradiol levels ensures that mood and libido remain stable. If the prolactin level increases, you will have to use a drug such as Caberos. Starting from the fourth week, HCG will be used to expedite testosterone recovery during PCT.

The goal of this cycle is to gain clean muscle mass without excessive water retention and subcutaneous fat. The cycle is suitable for those aiming for an athletic appearance with defined musculature. It is tailored for individuals aspiring to achieve a physique similar to men's physique competitors. While anabolic steroids alone cannot guarantee an ideal physique in a short period, this cycle, when approached correctly, significantly aids in reaching such goals.

The advantages of this cycle over traditional bulking methods include a more aesthetic appearance and a more defined musculature at the end of the cycle. If you wish to add hardness to your muscles, you can consider using some fat-burning agents like ClenbutosYohimbinos, or HGH Fragment 176-191 in conjunction with this cycle.

Why 12 Weeks

A 12-week cycle is considered optimal for most individuals. This duration strikes a balance between shorter, safer but less effective 6-week cycles and longer 16-24 week cycles. Unlike short 6-week cycles, a medium-length cycle is more effective due to the prolonged impact of anabolic steroids on muscles. Protein synthesis and muscle growth are gradual processes, requiring sufficient time for significant gains.

A 12-week cycle can be chosen by athletes of any age and training experience. It provides ample time to make noticeable changes to your body, gaining an additional 5-6 kg of muscle mass while simultaneously burning 3-4 kg of subcutaneous fat with proper training and nutrition. This cycle can significantly transform your appearance if you adhere to all the instructions and dosages mentioned in the description and use all the supplementary drugs listed here.

The cycle demands discipline, including periodic blood tests to monitor hormone levels and make timely adjustments. Adhering to all cycle conditions ensures significant and worthwhile results for the money and time invested. Following all instructions and recommendations helps make the cycle effective and maximally safe. Properly conducted PCT is equally crucial to preserving the results achieved during the cycle.


For individuals prone to weight gain, monitoring calorie and macro-nutrient intake is crucial to align the cycle with your goals. Consuming an adequate amount of protein while avoiding excessive carbohydrates and fats is essential to maintain the right calorie balance for muscle gain without accumulating excess fat. Disrupting this balance may result in the final cycle outcome not meeting expectations.

How to use

Testosterone and Trenen 

Anabolic steroids are administered intramuscularly using syringes. Needles G21 or G23 are most commonly used. We recommend injecting into the glutes, following all the rules for intramuscular injections. You can mix Trenen and testosterone in one syringe and administer one injection per week, or divide the injections into 2, for example, on Monday and Thursday or on other days.


The dosage of aromatase inhibitors is determined individually, depending on your estradiol level. We recommend starting with dosages of 0.5 mg (1 tablet) 3 times a week and after 14 days to do blood tests for estradiol to adjust the dosage for you.

HCG 5000

The drug is used with small insulin syringes. You can use both intramuscular injections and subcutaneous injections, while using a fold on the abdomen. Injections made in this way are painless and very simple, so they should not frighten those who have not used injections before. We recommend using 1000 IU per week. This dosage is average and suitable for most people.

In order to prepare a solution for injection, you take a syringe already containing a diluent and inject it into a vial containing a lyophilized powder. Tilt the vial so that the needle touches the vial wall. Avoiding injecting the diluent directly into the lyophilized powder. The solvent should slowly flow down the wall of the bottle (do not fill everything at once and take your time). Once all the diluent has been added to the peptide vial, mix gently (but do not agitate or shake the vial) until the lyophilized powder has dissolved and you are left with a clear liquid. Now the drug is ready for use. Store it at refrigerator.


In bodybuilding, it is the most popular steroid for gaining muscle mass. The main advantage of testosterone enanthate is a pronounced increase in both muscle mass and strength (which is highly appreciated by weightlifters and powerlifters), as well as a noticeable pump during workouts. Along with its anabolic effects, the drug has a pronounced androgenic effect, significantly increasing libido, improving erection, and positively affecting psychoemotional state, motivation, and drive during training.

The rapid weight gain is associated with significant water retention due to sodium retention and estrogenic action, but with the help of aromatase inhibitors, fluid retention will be significantly reduced.

Testosterone enanthate often helps alleviate joint problems for those complaining of pain and crunching in the shoulders, and for those whose intervertebral discs show the first signs of wear.

Testosterone enanthate stimulates regenerative processes in the body, increases overall tone and desire to train, and prevents overtraining. It increases blood volume and red blood cell count, which enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

A major issue with using testosterone enanthate in bodybuilding is its strong aromatization ability, i.e., conversion into estrogens (estradiol). As a result, gynecomastia, edema, fat deposition in a female pattern, and other side effects often develop. Therefore, aromatase inhibitors are used to control estradiol-induced side effects. Testosterone also has a fat-burning effect, and if you use Arimidex, which reduces the impact of estradiol on fat tissue increase, this effect will be more pronounced.

Trenen (Trenbolone Enanthate)

Trenbolone Enanthate is a powerful anabolic steroid that is often used by bodybuilders and athletes to increase muscle mass and strength. This drug is a trenbolone ester modified to provide long-lasting action due to the enanthate ester group.

Trenbolone belongs to the family of 19 nortestosterone (19-nor). At the same time, two fundamental modifications were made to trenbolone, thanks to which this steroid has properties that nandrolone does not have, which is also a derivative of 19nortestosterone. The double ligaments in positions c9 and c11 occupy the ligaments necessary for aromatization, which completely deprives trenbolone of the opportunity to aromatize. Unlike trenbolone, nandrolone does not actively aromatize, but it is still converted to estradiol. This means that trenbolone is completely devoid of estragenic side effects. Therefore, even those who have a predisposition to estrogenic manifestations will not have to worry about water retention, accumulation of subcutaneous fat and gynecomastia. However, there are a number of side effects with trenbolone that you should always keep in mind.

Another significant difference between trenbolone and its parent nandrolone is its androgenic activity. Trenbolone is so extremely androgenic that according to the androgenic-anabolic rating, it is 5 times more powerful in this indicator than testosterone. This is possible due to the fact that trenbolone does not interact with 5-alpha reductase enzymes, and therefore, it does not convert to dehydrotestosterone (DHT). In addition, the previously mentioned double ligaments c9 and c11 increase the binding force of androgen receptors, thereby giving more power to trenbolone.

The main effects of trenbolone enanthate

● Muscle Gain: Trenbolone is considered one of the most effective steroids for maximizing muscle mass. This drug is able to enhance the nitrogen balance in muscles, which leads to increased protein synthesis and tissue growth.

● Increased Strength and Endurance: Trenbolone Enanthate can significantly increase strength performance and endurance, which allows athletes to train more intensively. Trenbolone is a drug that is used both for gaining muscle mass and for strength sports such as powerlifting due to its ability to neurotically increase strength results in the shortest possible time.

● Pronounced fat-burning effect: The drug is able to activate beta-adrenergic receptors, which stimulates the breakdown of fat and reduces the accumulation of subcutaneous fat. Trenbolone ranks first among anabolic steroids in terms of fat burning effect, surpassing drostanolone and stanozolol.

● No water retention: Unlike some other steroids, trenbolone does not cause water retention in the body, which makes the weight gain more "dry" and dense.

● Trenbolone increases IGF-1 levels in the blood significantly more than other anabolic steroids

However, it is worth noting some disadvantages

● High risk of side effects: Trenbolone can cause serious side effects such as decreased levels of high-density lipoprotein (HCL), aggression, insomnia, increased sweating, as well as problems with renal and hepatic function. Also, some people experience anxiety and other psychoemotional disorders using trenbolone.

● Due to the highly androgenic nature of trenbolone, side effects such as acne, pronounced body/facial hair growth, and baldness are highly likely to occur. Due to the fact that trenbolone is so much more androgenic than nandrolone, the probability of these side effects is also higher

Trenbolone suppresses the natural production of testosterone very strongly and quickly. Therefore, a very strong PCT is required. It is still not known why trenbolone has such a strongly suppressive effect despite the fact that it is not converted to estrogen. According to one common theory, the blame lies on the activity of progesterone, since usually any sex hormone can suppress the production of testosterone in the body. Be that as it may, the strong suppressive effect of trenbolone requires a lot of attention on PCT.

● Tren-cough” (Cough from tren) There is one side effect that occurs with all steroids, but is more intense in the case of trenbolone — cough. He's so strong with trenbolone, bodybuilders have even dubbed him as "Tren-caught." A steroid-related cough occurs when a small portion of the oil enters the bloodstream through small capillaries that can be punctured during injections. As a result, the body tries to get rid of the foreign substance through the lungs, which provokes a cough. Unfortunately, with trenbolone, this cough can be very severe, and if a bodybuilder has no experience with this steroid, you can get scared.

● Liver toxicity. Despite the fact that injectable trenbolone does not contain the 17-alpha-alkylated (17aa) group, it may be somewhat hepatotoxic due to the resistance of its chemical structure to cleavage in the liver. Although the level of its toxicity was not close to the toxicity observed in steroids with group 17aa, it is recommended to take such liver protection supplements as TUDCA and NAC.

● Sweating.Excessive sweating characteristic of trenbolone is not dangerous to health, but this side effect should be mentioned in the context of dehydration. Since this steroid wildly accelerates metabolism, you will experience more intense sweating than usual, particularly at night. This can lead to significant water loss followed by dehydration. Therefore, it is recommended to drink more water during the tren cycle.

● A special note for asthmatics. Trenbolone has one side effect, which certainly affects asthmatics. When taking large doses, trenbolone can increase the level of prostaglandin F2ALFA, which can lead to bronchial constriction. Moreover, the higher the dose, the more the production of prostaglandin F2ALFA increases, which exacerbates the problem. Consequently, the user will experience problems with heavy breathing, especially during physical exertion. As a rule, this side effect does not pose any danger to ordinary athletes, and disappears soon after completing the course of trenbolone. However, if trenbolone is taken by an asthmatic, many precautions should be taken, and if possible, another steroid should be chosen altogether.

● Progesterone and Prolactin activity. Although trenbolone does not convert to estrogens, according to some scientific studies it has a certain progestogenic activity. Very often, progesterone can provoke side effects that are very similar to estrogenic side effects. Fortunately, due to the fact that there have been no known cases with such side effects, it can be assumed that trenbolone's progestogenic activity is not strong enough to give estrogen-like side effects. At the same time, with a certain level of estradiol in the blood, elevated progesterone levels can enhance estrogenic manifestations. This should be remembered when trenbolone is combined with other steroids that aromatize (increase estradiol), as it can exacerbate their estrogenic side effects.

Trenbolone also stimulates the production of prolactin in the pituitary gland, which can lead to a whole series of side effects associated with prolactin. First of all, elevated prolactin levels can lead to sexual problems such as decreased libido and even impotence. Moreover, prolactin can cause lactation from the nipples, and together with progesterone, they can lead to gynecomastia. This point confuses many, because in theory, progesterone should suppress the production of prolactin. However, trenbolone, as well as nandrolone, are not progestins per se — they can simply activate progestin receptors without being one. For this problem, the main solution is to use anti-prolactin drugs like Cabergoline.


So let’s start with the fact that testosterone (and it will always be in your cycle) tends to turn into the female sex hormone- estradiol. An increase in the level of this hormone provokes many side effects, such as: gynomastia, fluid retention, mood swings and libido.

This is something we can see and feel right away, but there is a whole range of other side effects that we learn only when it’s too late. Very often, beginners think that if they do not have external sings of gynecomastia, then they cannot resort to the use of aromatase inhibitors, but this is not so.

First of all, estradiol is a hormone that greatly increases fat storage and this can be the reason that completely reduces the effectiveness of your diet. There is also suggestion that elevated estradiol for a long time can negatively affect the functioning of your cardiovascular system.

But the good news is that you can avoid all these problems if you use aromatase inhibitors (for example Arimidyn) in your cycle, which prevent testosterone from converting to estradiol. The dosages of these drugs are always selected individually depending on the level of your estradiol, which in turn will depend on the dosages of testosterone and your individual characteristics.

Our recommendation is to keep it in the middle of normal ranges, neither lower nor higher. These are the optimal values in order to get the maximum profit from your cycle. You will not have: excess fluid retention that spoils your appearance, high blood pressure (all due to the same fluid), accumulation of excess fat, decreased libido and any other negative effects.

It is also worth noting that it is unnecessary to reduce estradiol too low, then you risk getting the opposite effect and side effects of a different nature, in the form of a deterioration in cholesterol values, a decrease in bone mass density, a decrease in anabolism as well as a drop in libido, because low level of estradiol has the same negative effect on sexual desire as excessively high.

HCG 5000

Why any drug such as HCG should be included in each of your cycles longer than 6 weeks. There are several reasons for this.

Reason one

Let's start with the fact that as you know, while taking anabolic steroids, our body turns off the production of its own testosterone completely.

After your cycle, you must restore it with PCT. So, when using HCG during your cycle, it helps to restore your testosterone mush faster, which means that with a normal testosterone level, you will be able to a better maintain the gained result, and also not fall into the “emotional hole” that often happens at a low-level testosterone.

It works in such a way that HCG is a hormone that even during a cycle of steroids instructs your testicles to produce their own testosterone. Although your hypothalamus and pituitary gland will not be involved in this process, your testicles will work in their natural mode or close to it, without decreasing in size. That is, your testicles by the time of PCT will be ready to increase testosterone without delay.

Reason two

There is also another reason why HCG should be used, especially during the long cycles. The fact is that anabolic steroids not only ‘turn off’ the production of their own testosterone, but also in the same way affect the cessation of the production of steroid hormones by the adrenal glands.

This process produces hormones such as pregnenolone, progesterone, aldosterone, DHEA, and others. In this chain, each of these hormones has its own important effect on the body and when you interrupt the production of testosterone during your cycle, the process of producing these hormones is also disrupted.

As a result, your body is left without a number of reactions it needs. Using HCG – you save the entire chain of prohormones synthesis of steroid genesis. What is important is that some of the hormones that are created in this cascade of reactions are neurosteroids which have a positive effect on your mood, behavior, and libido. Below we will talk very superficially about the beneficial properties of some hormones in this chain.

● Progesterone reduces the risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia and tumor processes, takes part in the functioning of the nervous system, helps to maintain normal levels of female sex hormones, strengthens bone tissue, normalizes thyroid function, and has a number of other important properties.

● Pregnenolone is important for brain function, and with it’s lack memory and mental abilities suffer.

● DHEA - the action of this hormone is not fully understood, but there is an evidence that indicates its widespread influence in the body. DHEA is useful for the cardiovascular system, helps with obesity, with various diseases of the central nervous system, with osteoporosis, weakening of the immune system.

In order to prevent testicular atrophy, as well as to resume the steroidogenesis of your adrenal glands, it is necessary to take HCG during the entire cycle. We recommend using 1000 IU per week. This dosage is average and suitable for most people.

There is a misconception that HCG should be taken during PCT. This is not true because the stimulation of your testicles themselves by imitation the action of hormones such as LH and FSH.

The actual triggering process for HPTA must begin in your pituitary gland and will be accelerated by drugs such as clomiphene and tamoxifen. HCG should be used during the cycle to keep your testicles from atrophying so that by the time of PCT they can quickly respond to pituitary stimulation with testosterone production. If this is not done, then you will have to wait a very long time until this mechanism starts itself after many months of “vacation”.

Using steroids if you are over 40

After about 35 years of age, our body starts to age little by little. Its internal secretion glands begin to work worse and all the functions of the body begin to gradually deteriorate. We can say that the warranty period of the human body is over. But this does not mean that you can put a cross on a man of 40 years old. Each of us wants to prolong our youth and preserve our health and that is why we use PEDs - in order to live our life as long and qualitatively as possible.

As we know that the use of anabolic steroids, although they have beneficial properties for us, which can restore our youth, make us stronger and stronger, but still there are a number of side effects that need to be managed, especially if you are over 40 years old. Some young athletes don't think about lowering estradiol levels that are too high (although they should) or live with very high levels of DHT without feeling any discomfort. This can last for some time, but not if you are over 40 years of age. At this age, men start to feel any side effects associated with steroid use or even just fatigue from excessive exercise. So, at this age you need to pay special attention to your blood tests, your body's health and well-being trying not to make any mistakes in cycle building and not to miss controlling any side effects. There are certain things that you can get away with at a young age, but should be carefully monitored by men in adulthood.

Even if you don't experience any side effects, it doesn't mean that elevated levels of hormones like estradiol and DHT don't have negative effects on your body if, their levels will be high for a long time. This is especially important if you are using testosterone on a consistent basis without pauses.

Here are a few key points to keep a very close eye on and avoid deviations from the physiological norm. Of course, all of these aspects will be valid for men under 40, but if you are a senor, for example high blood pressure and high cholesterol can be extremely dangerous for you, so if you are 40+ you need to pay special attention to these things and not overlook them.

Blood pressure (hypertension)

As you know steroids can lead to high blood pressure, especially as an adult. High blood pressure can be caused by excessive fluid retention, both from increased estradiol and excessive sodium accumulation, young athletes sometimes take this as a good indication that the drugs are working, and in part they are, but in adulthood it is best to avoid significant water retention in the body. This is done by making sure your estradiol doesn't rise above reference values, but this doesn't always work. If you keep your estradiol normal but your blood pressure is still elevated (over 140), we recommend using blood pressure lowering medication.

Blood pressure is one of the most significant risk factors for cardiovascular complications. If your blood pressure is 140 or higher, it is considered high blood pressure. Hypertension is often asymptomatic, but this is noted only at first. Persistently high blood pressure over time leads to a number of clinical symptoms. Often a sharp increase in BP threatens the development of hypertensive crisis and rupture of the vessel wall.

As we mentioned above - some of the side effects of steroids can be tolerated quite easily in youth, but are unacceptable in older age and this also applies to blood pressure. Your blood vessels at 40 are no longer as elastic as they used to be and if your blood pressure is high on a constant basis - sooner or later it will have a damaging effect on them. If, in addition, your hematocrit is above 51-54% (such values are common with steroid use) and your lipid metabolism is impaired (problems with cholesterol levels), this increases the risk of thrombosis and in this case high blood pressure will increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. Persistently high blood pressure has a very significant negative effect on your health.

You can read more about high blood pressure here:

We strongly recommend that you monitor your blood pressure and if it rises, use Sartanos (telmisartan), which you should take daily (once a day). The dosage of this medicine should be determined based on your blood pressure level. You can start with 20 mg per day. Telmisartan is one of the most popular and effective remedies in the fight against high blood pressure, approved by the FDA and used by a huge number of doctors around the world. Telmisartan has also conquered the bodybuilding world for some time now in terms of controlling high blood pressure in bodybuilders

Be careful if you are already taking any medications for high blood pressure. Their combination will lower your blood pressure too low.

High levels of DHT (dihydrotestosterone)

This is a hormone that affects multiple tissues and most often its effects are negative (although not always). Elevated levels of DHT contribute to side effects such as baldness, increased skin oiliness, acne, virilisation (in women), increased body hair (except on the head) but also has other negative effects, more serious ones which we will discuss below.

The prostate gland

A large percentage of men after 40 suffer from diseases related to prostate enlargement. Considering that over-physiological doses of androgens can also contribute to prostate enlargement - this means that, firstly, men over 40 should have PSA blood tests at least every six months, and secondly, they should prophylactically reduce excessive levels of DHT with finasteride. It is for this reason that we recommend including Finastelad in your anabolic steroid cycle.

A common condition caused by high levels of DHT is benign prostatic hyperplasia. This condition causes symptoms such as difficulty urinating, weak urine stream, more frequent urination, inability to empty the bladder and the need to urinate frequently at night. Prostate growth is attributed to the activity of DHT, which stimulates the growth of epithelial and stromal cells. This growth is further influenced by the combined effect of DHT and estradiol. This further emphasises the importance of controlling the levels of these hormones during the cycle.

DHT and cardiovascular risks

An important fact that some studies have shown is that elevated serum levels of dihydrotestosterone are associated with cardiovascular risk. DHT can promote inflammation, which is a key factor in the development of heart disease. Studies show a key role for dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in pressure overload-induced myocardial hypertrophy and dysfunction. Serum DHT levels have been associated with adverse myocardial remodelling and higher levels of proteins associated with hypertrophy and fibrosis of heart tissue.


It is also known that high levels of DHT are associated with hair loss on the head and conversely increased hair growth on other parts of the body such as the shoulders, back and chest. Of course, this effect is not significant for your physical health, it is more of an aethetical issue, but many men prefer to keep their head hair in place.

By using finasteride, you block these side effects associated with hair loss, as well as significantly reduce the risks of prostate problems and cardiovascular complications. The usual treatment for prostatic hyperplasia is 5 mg per day, for androgenic alopecia (baldness) the official medical indication is 1 mg per day, but recent studies have shown that a dosage of 0.2 mg is almost as effective as 1 mg. For this reason, we recommend a dosage of 0.25 mg each day (a quarter of a Finastelad tablet).

Beginner Clean Bulk (Trenentos 40+ Blast and Cruise)

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